In aLL my hONesty

Did you hear my complaint?

Did you think ‘bout me?

All of my creations gone

The beauty that visible is just for a while

You’re busy with your selfish

You never care about your inner

You called that pretty good

But I don’t think so

My mind…my heart…my love…

You don’t care

Reff :       Enough…just enough

Just let me know ‘bout it

2 xs

I’m proud to know you

I’m proud have loved you

You teach me something

Something about you

About your perversion

About your weakness

That defeats my honesty.

What you mean with these all?

While you’re never hearing

If you hear, you won’t understand

You want to mad

Wan to hate

Or revenge

I don’t care

Now my door is closed

Should I open it for you?



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